3D Printing Services

BIT Solutions provides 3D printing services to produce objects not only from our inventory, but from your imagination!  Our customer base spans RC and drone enthusiasts, architecture college students, inventors, jewelry makers, cosplayers, collectors, and more.  We have 3D printed gaming characters, buildings, Minecraft worlds, kitchen gadgets, tech gadgets, decorations, sonograms of birds singing, toys, replacement parts, and so much more.   

Take a look at our Print Gallery to spark your inspiration.  We can print OBJ, STL, 3MF and many CAD modeling program files. 

Have an idea, but not sure how to create it?  Contact us for design services!  Or check out the great sites listed below for free and paid 3D printable files. 



  **NOTE:  We cannot print any objects that are listed as non-commercial.  Some objects printed were for our own use and are not available for sale.  Please use the Contact page to make any special print requests.


Thingiverse - the #1 repository of 3D printable files

My Mini Factory




Email us at julie@bits3dandpieces.com

Call us at 518-852-5180